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What is One Touch Switch?

In 2021, Ofcom unveiled the One Touch Switch (OTS) regulations, designed to streamline the transition for customers switching their fixed voice and broadband service providers. Under the OTS framework, comms providers (CPs) are required to participate in the OTS industry process by exchanging switching messages via the TOTSCo industry Hub messaging platform.

This integration involves a sophisticated system of APIs and security protocols, ensuring seamless communication between providers and the Hub. It includes bidirectional data flow, with providers sending requests to the Hub and receiving service requests from it, all backed by stringent performance assurances.

The deadline for implementing these changes is the 12th September 2024.

Do I need to comply?

If you sell residential fixed voice and/or broadband services in the UK, even as a reseller, and you own the relationship with the end user/customer, you must ensure you are ready to comply with One Touch Switch. This includes everyone from ISPs, Community Broadband Initiatives, to wholesale resellers.


How does the OTS process work?

  • A communications provider receives a switch match request to establish if a customer is recognised as being contracted to them. In this scenario the recipient of the match request is known as the losing provider, and the sender is the gaining provider.
  • The losing provider must respond to the match request within 60 seconds to either confirm the customer and their matched services, or fail the match if the customer is not recognised. A confirmed match contains one or more possible switches that the gaining provider can choose.
  • When ready to proceed, the gaining provider sends an order request for one of the available switches, which is confirmed by the losing provider. The order contains an expected customer activation date.
  • It is possible to update the expected activation date, or cancel the order.
  • When the customer has been successfully activated the gaining provider sends a ‘trigger’ notification. This prompts the losing provider to deactivate the customer and cease billing.

Providers do not have to use OTS when gaining a customer, the customer can still contact the losing provider directly if they wish, however, all providers must be capable of acting as a losing provider.

Zentive have been involved with One Touch Switch from the start, providing technical expertise to the design process and is an official TOTSCo Managed Access Provider (MAP).

We used our advanced knowledge of the OTS process to develop SureSwitch, the only standalone, modular OTS solution for any CP or Reseller, regardless of size or existing infrastructure.

Ensuring your business is ready for One Touch Switch couldn’t be easier, and with a range of additional features, SureSwitch not only assures you’re compliant, it’s also a powerful tool for streamlining your sales journey.

Are you OTS ready?

Although the TOTSCo Hub isn’t due to go live until 12th September 2024, there’s still a lot of work to do to be ready. With our readiness offer, your business will be onboarded and fully integrated, with no subscription charges to pay until OTS go-live.

Book a call with our team to find out more.

Integration Options

From a standalone service to a fully integrated solution that seamlessly adds the OTS process to your sales journey. SureSwitch can be configured to meet your bespoke requirements.


For smaller providers we can offer a standalone service with little or no integration required. Customer records can be uploaded to SureSwitch to ensure that inbound requests are handled on your behalf, and you can process outbound match requests using the SureSwitch Portal

Light Integration

Integration to your existing BSS stack allows SureSwitch to respond to incoming match requests as well as updating your BSS systems for changes to both in and out bound Switch Requests.

Full Integration

With a full integration you can incorporate OTS into your current sales journey. SureSwitch will manage messaging to and from the TOTSCo Hub, keep your teams up to date with all switch requests and provide notifications of changes and delays.


Thanks to its modular design, SureSwitch can integrate seamlessly with your existing BSS/OSS. Depending on your requirements you can choose how much of the One Touch Switch process is managed by SureSwitch and how much is managed within your own infrastructure.

SureSwitch is offered as a fully managed SaaS product, using the latest encryption standards to protect your data. It can also be deployed locally within your infrastructure.

Streamline your sales journey and remove barriers. SureSwitch allows you to use the OTS process to the full, making it easier to onboard new customers.

SureSwitch will let you know when there’s a change or delay to an existing switch as well as alerting you to inbound switch requests.

SureSwitch can Switch Implication Notices directly or trigger your CRM to issue them.

Download the SureSwitch Brochure

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