About Us

Our mission is to improve the businesses of customers and the lives of individuals through our passion for technology.

Striving to do good.

Zentive is committed to the principles of corporate social responsibility. We undertake to make positive contributions towards our customers, partners, employees, and communities. Our goal is to succeed in an ethical and responsible manner that protects the planet for future generations.


We are committed to treating our customers fairly and honestly, with collaboration, communication, innovation, and quality being at the forefront of everything that we do.


We are committed to creating a positive culture and environment where all are equal irrespective of age, disability, race or ethnicity, gender, religion or belief, or sexual identity.
Zentive prioritises the physical and mental health of our employees and recognises wellbeing as key to all aspects of our business.


We are committed to protecting our planet for future generations and understand we have a responsibility to reduce our carbon footprint. This includes identifying our environmental impacts and putting processes into place to prevent or reduce them.
The Zentive office is within walking distance from a train station and located by lakes that offer year-round wildlife. We encourage our employees to use sustainable transport where possible, and support remote working.


We are committed to contributing to our communities and actively support several charitable causes. We encourage and support our employees in engaging with their local communities including paid time for community and charity work.

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