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Professional Consulting

Professional Consulting

Zentive is the company that is now the choice of many in the Pay TV operator world-wide.  We provide solutions for multi-service operators who are looking to optimise software and system performance within their business whilst helping them with complex integration solutions along the way.

Our expertise and experience in problem analysis is invaluable in the support of the architecture we can help deploy within your organisation.  We have the know-how to support the migration to new technologies and platforms, solving design and security issues or supporting current architecture and adapting it to meet ever changing demands.

Whatever the complexity of the requirements, Zentive has the experience and knowledge to detect and solve many service and system requirements leading to maximising performance and return on software investment.



•  Zentive’s team – subject matter experts of the ICOMS API.

•  High level of in-depth competence in translating business process needs to practical API Macro use.

ICOMS API Gateway & Connection Manager

•  Zentive has ackowledged expertise in the ICOMS API Gateway and Connection Manager platforms.

•  Expert level of competence in tuning and performance management.

•  Zentive provides 24×7 support services to users.


Disparate and complex systems interconnect.

Web Service interfaces.

Performance management and optimisation.

BSS/OSS systems architecture and design.

High transaction throughput systems development.

ICOMS Services & Applications ICOMS Services & Applications brochure

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