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Our Service

Here are just some of the areas we excel in:

Web Service frameworks

Selecting the framework components is becoming a high priority task for many IT departments as this forms the basis of conformity, flexibility and future growth potential that is fundamental to the business.  The ease with which inter-system communication can be established and the ability to act immediately to a rapidly changing environment are some of key success factors for the framework design.

Service Assurance

In complex systems environments ensuring transaction delivery continues to be a major challenge.  Couple that with the need to predict the performance of systems and, in particular, when SLAs are likley to be breached, and the use of the latest inference engines to solve complex and interrelated operational problems and it is easy to see why it is essential that our customers can call on Zentive’s deep understanding and appreciation to get help.


Zentive employs subject matter experts with deep-dive knowledge on the use of the ICOMS API message (Macro) set.  Major player MSOs around the world have taken advantage of our skills to solve problems associated with the interoperability of 3rd party systems with ICOMS platform.

ICOMS and CableMaster Web Self Care/Web Sales

Zentive team members have over many years become subject matter experts in the ICOMS and CableMaster WSC and Web Sales applications.  A particular advantage of our team is its ability to expertly deal with the complete end-to-end solution from user interface, through web application through to calling the SMS’s API.  Increasingly, Zentive is being asked to provide a Web Service layer, using a standardised framework, to support subscriber self care environments as this lends itself to greater flexibility and breadth of capabilities.

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