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360Service Assurance©

Monitor and Alert for API Assurance

At its root an availability  and performance monitor, diagnostic tool and error alert application designed to operate within your BSS and OSS node or system infrastructure.  But it does much more than that and goes a lot further, providing sophisticated performance prediction and inference capabilities for more involved error analysis of operational problems.

It can identify poorly performing or failing communications associated with any node or system and can generate a variety of alert message types for technical support staff. A browser based application allows technical support staff to quickly identify and fix failures.


  • A light-touch and non-intrusive application that can monitor the nodes or systems of choice within your network.
  • Instant detection and diagnosis of poor and failing nodes provides support staff with the information they need to help fix the problem.
  • Short term, long term and cyclical poor performance between nodes can be captured and reported on.
  • Performance prediction will ensure alerting when transaction SLAs are in danger of being breached.
  • Get to a minimum revenue loss by being aware the instant a problem arises -a customer or a member of your workforce could be attempting to make a request that will never be answered.
  • A rules based inference engine allows operations staff to identify often complex and subtle inter-related error conditions.
  • Cut call centre overload by accelerating resolution of a connectivity problem.
  • A visual browser based command and control tool provides configuration, control and performance data analysis.
  • Availability of multiple alerting mechanisms to your internal support staff; email, SMS (mobile phone text) and SNMP.
  • Configurable user authority login.
  • An Enterprise strength software platform built on Zentive’s experience with tier 1 Pay TV Communication Service Providers worldwide.

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