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360Provisioning Virgin Media Quote

Scalable, Modular and Versatile, 360Provisioning© Zentive Limited 2009 is the dynamic interface between today’s subscriber activation platforms (often customer care and billing systems) and specific downstream provisioning systems (such at Digital TV Conditional Access System platforms).

Pay TV Communication Service Providers can now benefit from integrating the best in class provisioning technology through a straightforward one-time install.

What it does?  360Provisioning© performs essential functions within the activation and provisioning chain backed-up by a powerful decision support based rules engine.

And by choosing 360Provisioning©, operators can have a one touch view of their subscriber transactions through a single browser ‘command and control’ interface.

360Provisioning© features

  • Qualifies, translates and verifies activation and provisioning requests received from (typically) one or more billing and customer support system in a cost effective, efficient and secure manner.
  • Delivers translated messages to any single or multiple downstream systems in any format required.
  • Provides full historical audit trail of each provisioning request through a browser based management console.
  • Assured 24/7 with no lost requests, even in unplanned downtime.
  • Surge protects the downstream system from heavy traffic spikes through dynamic throttling.
  • Optional 360Service Assurance© Zentive Limited 2008 plug-in provides extended transaction visibility, performance monitoring and prediction capabilities and integrated inference engine for enhanced operational problem resolution.
  • Queues allows authorised operators to give priority to specific request types.
  • Full application control through a browser based management console.
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