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Customer Success


Profound technological competence, strong development skills, personal touch and aftercare are just some of the reasons why the leading cable and satellite operators choose to work with us.

This results in a rapidly growing client base of leading platform and network operators worldwide.

They entrust us to their systems because our products and skills are focused on helping them face up to the challenges of systems convergence, head on.

Zentive’s clients face complex business challenges that span across all technical operations. As a team of niche specialists, with a deep knowledge of the cable and satellite Pay TV industry, we have helped them develop products, solutions and services that address many of the day to day needs that help support their business.

We are pleased to present a selection of key client successes.

Client: Virgin Media

Country: UK

Objective: To design and upgrade existing ICOMS/Nagravision DTV provisioning infrastructure.

Target: Design and implementation needed a modular solution to move towards a state of the art platform without the need to modify or disrupt existing billing platform and processes.

Zentive Solution: 360Provisioning provides the flexibility to manage the integration into existing infrastructure whilst enabling Virgin Media to exploit its modular architecture.

By providing the ability to manage the transaction history through a browser interface, Virgin Media is able to have greater control of their critical activation and provisioning requests.

“ICOMS” is a trade mark of NetCracker Technology Corp and its affiliates. All rights reserved. “Nagravision” is a trade mark of Nagravision, a Kudelski Group company. All rights reserved.

Client: Unitymedia
Country: Germany

Objective: Company wide challenge to improve efficiency across all departments.

Target: Zentive proposed a solution that would help Unitymedia reduce Field Service Technician calls to the main dispatch centre in Kerpen. The proposal also needed to include a method to increase the efficiency of the installation and trouble ticket resolution time, automate the installation of new services, and complete the order process more effectively.

Zentive Solution: suretek mobile workforce application provides functionality that allows a Field Service Technician to complete tasks automatically without call centre intervention.

Processes well in excess of 1000 installs per day.

Supports 3rd party Service Partner companies across hundreds of staff.

Ability to handle trouble ticket an, in particular, box swaps has been an outstanding success.

A dramatic drop in calls per day to the Dispatch Department call centre.

Client: Time Warner Cable Business Class
Country: USA

Objective: Business requirement from Time Warner National Sales to develop an automated credit card payment solution for customers (B2B) in a secure web framework environment.

Target: Payment gateway needs to be scalable and handle increase in customer activity (traffic and volume) through existing web channels. Also key was ensuring card security during log in and checkout so that the site becomes free from penetration attack.  Reduction in CAPEX for maintaining and managing the solution.

Zentive Solution: Zentive developed, tested and deployed a new credit card payment solution using 360Web Portal framework. By using this framework Time Warner now benefits from a fully hosted, secure payment gateway, able to handle high volumes and traffic spikes during busy processing periods.

In addition, the Time Warner Business Class solution benefits from having 360Service Assurance monitor its every heartbeat and ensuring that the site is operating at its optimum while pinpointing critical performance issues that might otherwise prevent payments being taken – all in a cost effective and compliant way.

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