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Zentive supports Virgin Media in digital television programming

Zentive is supplying its conditional access application to enable Virgin Media to simply and intelligently manage digital TV upgrade requests from its subscriber management system. The leading edge-technology (360Provisioning) employed by Zentive translates provisioning requests from Virgin Media’s subscriber management system into specific formats required by the company’s downstream cable network

Virgin Media is the second largest provider of Pay TV and home phone in the UK, the largest residential broadband provider and the largest virtual mobile network operator. By using Zentive’s application to interface to the Nagravision digital TV activation system, Virgin Media will be able to manage installs and upgrades and offer increased flexibility for its customers, whilst maintaining state of the art security.

In architecting version 1 of the application Zentive has ensured connectivity to Nagravision systems whilst the built in rules engine allows Virgin Media to control how business requirements are turned in to activation requests, all within the framework of a comprehensive fault tolerant design.

About Kudelski Group

The Kudelski Group (SWX: KUD.VX), which includes Nagravision SA, is a world leader in digital security. For further information please visit



Zentive delivers leading edge workforce management solution to Unitymedia

Zentive has supplied a mobile phone based work force management application that will enable Unitymedia to provide productivity improvements to its own field technicians and  installer company partners.  By creative use of mobile web browser technology an installer can fully and automatically complete the process of activating services without the need to bother despatch call centre staff.  Most recently, the system has been extended to handle trouble ticket calls where the joint business drivers of improving further operational productivity and empowering the technician are prime.

Unitymedia is committed to providing innovative products to its field work forces and by using Zentive’s application together with the latest in readily available mobile phone web browsing capabilities the company will ensure that it can lead in state-of-the-art business solutions.

By using a standard mobile phone based web browser for delivery of the solution Unitymedia has been able to contain handset hardware costs and take advantage of a general user acceptance of their mobile devices.

About Unitymedia

Unitymedia is Germany’s second largest provider of media and communication services via broadband cable, so called triple play services, and operates by far the most integrated cable network in Germany. The Unitymedia brand is underpinned by a broad product portfolio which encompasses high-quality media offerings and access to the world of innovative telecommunications: The broad choice offered by digital and analogue TV and radio, attractive pay TV offerings, flat-rate telephony packages and surfing the Internet at high speed. For further information please visit